Jerry Joy Music

This is how it all began...

Back in 1995, I met Joy Suarez who had just recently returned from living on Maui. She had a dream about creating highly educational, fun and entertaining music and art programs for children and their families. She had worked at City and Country School in Greenwich Village in an after school program and then moved on to the Children's Museum of Manhattan, where she had designed a very popular birthday party program.
Returning to New York, her vision was to expand her life experiences and build of team of creative and enthusiastic individuals who were equally passionate about kids as she was!

I was at a turning point in my career, working as an independent producer and studio musician for CBS and Epic Records, as well as for producer Jelly Bean Benitez-it was great creative work-but when Joy proposed her vision to me-I was hooked and up for the challenge of a new career direction. Joy and I started writing songs together and realized that by aligning our creative powers we had found something special. Then with the help of Jerry Coleman, who was Joy's friend from high school, we formally created our company and produced our first CD-Animal Mix!

Since then we have been creating amazing music together, designing art and music workshops in schools, teacher training workshops and seminars. Along with the help of another JJ member, Mark Avers-we have created installations at events for the United Nations Say Yes for Children Campaign, Lincoln Center's World Culture Open,The Fashion Center BID's Annual Kite Flight, Central Park's Haunted House, Children's Museum of Manhattan's Haunted House, The Fashion Center BID's Annual Kite Flight, New York City Housing Tweed Hall exhibit to name a few!


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