Louie Cantemos Let's Sing!

Through song, dance, storytelling and play, children explore
basic concepts of music such as:
 rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, harmony and melody.

Using music from the 'call and response' class CD recording,
Louie Cantemos Lets Sing,
each parent/caregiver and child will learn innovative ways to integrate the Spanish language into their daily lives.

This will include both original and standard sing-a long songs:

* a hello and goodbye songs
* the alphabet
* counting to ten
* primary colors
 * Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
*Mary Had a Little Lamb
 *Itsy Bitsy Spider
 *Wheels on the Bus
*Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Class Schedule:

Monday and Tuesday: Rosenthal JCC Pleasantville NY

Wednesday: YMCA Park Slope Armory


Group lessons now taught Wednesday at:
YMCA Park Slope Armory

Louie also can come to your home for private guitar lessons.

I have some guitar lessons online check out my
video quickies on youtube

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